Daytona 2013

Because Daytona Beach is one of the most popular Spring Break destinations in the US, especially among college students and young adults, it houses a great opportunity to witness to a number of people. Here, you will spend your days on the beach, at a community park, and in and out of various low income and homeless centers in the area. Through simply playing volleyball, offering a beverage and just hanging out, you will have the opportunity to build relationships and discuss Christ and the hope He is to you with hundreds of people from all walks of life.

Daytona Beach Team

Prayer Requests:

  • Being able to speak the truth to people in need with NO fear.
  • Radical boldness!
  • That we would be able to share Jesus out of sincerity and out of experiences that we have had.
  • That we could dive deeper into what it means to live with a kingdom mindset so that sharing about it is not a formula, but an overflow from our own lives.

Taylor University Spring Break Missions 2013

“Spring Break Missions seeks to provide students with the opportunity to serve the Lord through a variety of short-term domestic and global trips while appealing to students’ strengths and interests through many avenues…”

“…from construction work to family ministry, evangelizing to aiding in business development, from working with children in orphanages to learning about other cultures and religions first-hand, there are a variety of ways that you can serve God as His hands and feet.”

We invite you to follow us here as students, staff and faculty post about their experience.

We welcome you to support their journeys with your prayers and comments.