Arrival and First Day

After 14 hours of traveling we finally arrived here in El Salvador Saturday afternoon. Unfortunately we didn’t arrive all together. One team member didn’t make it through the airport in Indy. Because of this disruption our team leader, Anila, had to stay behind and try to figure out the passport difficulties. Our one team member is International and had trouble boarding the plane.  Today let us know that Anila will be joining us later today but Shante, our last team member, will not be joining us.

Saturday night our team participated in the church’s youth group. We were all surprised that they sang the same song we had prepared to sing for them in spanish, “Open The Eyes of My Heart Lord.”  After youth group we got to converse with the pastor and other church members.  Out host family, the Hawks are not here yet so we’ve received instructions thus far from the generous Rodriguez family.  Miguel Rodriguez is the pastor at the church in which we are staying.

Sunday morning before the church service our whole team witnessed a beautiful baptism. Two youths from the church were baptized by Miguel outside in a pool.  We were all so moved by this service. We then attended the church service were we got to help in sunday school. There were about 35 kids between the ages of 6-10.

For sunday school we taught the bible lesson of Jesus feeding the 5000. We performed a skit of the story and passed out crackers and swedish fish. We then sang songs and played games with them until the adult sunday school was over. During the worship service our team performed a skit called rag man.  It is a simple drama with music representing the death and resurrection of Christ.

Later on in the day our team travelled a few miles to a more rural area to do our same lesson for different kids. These kids wore dirty clothes and some had faces caked with mud.  But this didn’t hide their bright faces full of life and eager for love.  After the lesson we had them play soccer, we painted the girl’s nails, and made balloon animals.

Thus far everyone has been in good health.  The food is delicious and the weather is beautiful. Tomorrow we continue construction work and children’s ministries. Thank you so much for your prayers and support. We will keep you posted.

2 thoughts on “Arrival and First Day

  1. Team El Salvador – God bless you ALLl!!!

    We are so HAPPY to see this post and to learn of your safe travels and that you ALL are in good health. We note that one of our fellowmen, Shante will be missed – we join with her in prayers for you.

    We pray for you as leaders and members that your spiritual relationship with God will continue to be strengthen as you impact the lives of others in El Salvador.

    Special note to BreAnne – Happy Birthday – we love you from your parents and family.

    Warmest regards,
    Andy and Bonnielyn
    Nassau, The Bahamas

  2. Thank you for giving us the updates on your work! We continue to pray for your group and that the trip would honor the Lord in multiple ways! Keep up the good work.
    Karen de Graaf
    Eastvale, California

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