Breaking Holy Ground

We arrived safely in Mexico on Saturday afternoon. Once we arrived, an incredible staff from a ministry called Back2Back, which we are partnering with while we are here, greeted us. The first night, we were received with a warm welcome and some fantastic authentic Mexican food.

Sunday morning we woke up to begin a full day of construction work, building a wall for a woman named Rosie. Rosie is an incredible, spunky woman, filled with a joy that can only come from the Lord. She essentially runs a children’s ministry out of her home for the children of the community. She does games, crafts, and bible lessons with them, welcoming them into her home multiple times a week. Recently, she even began a Sunday night ministry with the mothers of the children she ministers to.  Minutes after we arrived, Rosie came out and greeted us – individually hugging all fifteen of our team members, along with the multiple members from Back2Back ministries who joined us for the day. We later learned that it is customary, in Mexico, to individually greet everyone in the room when you arrive and when you leave. We prayed together, as a group, over our day of construction – complete with Rosie breaking out in praise songs. Some team members admit to having tears in their eyes – being overcome with the presence of the Holy Spirit.

Shortly after, we began breaking ground – quite literally. The day consisted of digging, painting, mixing cement, making new friends with the neighborhood children, and learning a few new skills. We used a jackhammer, machetes (a tool of choice in Mexico), axes, shovels, and saws — to name a few of our favorite new tools. Some of the girls proved quite impressive as they took a chance at trying out the jackhammer, very successfully. We learned today that, although the days are long and the work is hard, women could do construction work too. After all, our team only has four guys, not including the wonderful Back2back men who helped us out. Although all would admit that today proved to be incredibly exhausting, it also unified us. Optimism must be contagious, as we labored in the hot sun for hours without hearing a single complaint. After a long, well-spent day that left many of us with visible sock marks from the dirt, we got cleaned up and enjoyed another authentic Mexican meal that our hosts brought in for us. We then talked about our highlights from the day and practiced our skits and songs that we will be performing for the kids we will be ministering to tomorrow.

Please keep us in your prayers as we continue the week. Pray for: continued team unity, optimism, the openness of the hearts of the people we minister to, Back2Back ministries, health, and safety. Please pray that we will be able to be a light of Christ in the midst of the very spiritually dark area of Cancun. All of your children, friends, and relatives are doing well and cannot wait to continue their ministry. Thank you for your support and we will continue to update you throughout the week!


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