Cards and wind

It was a cold (by Daytona standards) windy day in Florida. The beach was fairly deserted. But we found many ways to be encouraged.

Started, for some, with a trip to Tuscawilla park where we spent time with some of our friends (who happen to be homeless) a rousing game of cards and good conversations was the order of the morning. Had a great chance to talk with Red and Maria and hear the struggles they face living in the streets. But it was great to just enjoy being with them and to pray over them

We have been stretched to be obedient to the voice of God. To hear his prompt and obediently follow.

Today we had great opportunities to be with the residents from the halfway house. Prayer and conversations. Pray for Gail and for Joshua who we had times to really get to know.

This evening we had a remarkable time of worship in the halfway house with a handful of the residents. The Spirit was amazingly evident!

While the weather made it difficult to make a large number of connections, we are not discouraged. We look forward to seeing what God will do tomorrow.




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