Eat as much as you want. They have pepto bismol.

Today we went to a Catholic girls children’s home called “Casa Hogar San Jose” where we spent the day playing with beautiful little girls and painting a wall near the entrance to the home. There were only about eight little girls, as well as some other children who joined us from the area. We were there all day and some team members think they had as much, if not more, fun than the kids. We painted, played card games, read books, and just enjoyed laughing with beautiful children who were so quick to love on us, despite the language barrier.

The Back2Back staff told us that our dinner at San Jose would be our favorite of the week. They were right.  We began the dinner with waiting in line, the children each holding one of our hands and guiding us through the line. Then, it was time to eat the long anticipated meal. The nuns at San Jose made the dinner from scratch, cooking it right in front of us. We have never had more authentic and delicious Mexican food. We definitely took advantage of the delicious food by going back for seconds, and thirds, and in some cases, fourths. It was that good. Alfredo, one of our drivers said, “Eat as much as you want. They have pepto bismol for that.”

Reflecting on the day, we came to see just how sweet and caring the little girls at the home were, which brought us back to being content in Christ. We have so much and yet we tend to be so selfish. However, these little girls have so little and are so generous. One team member said that he did not have a seat at dinner and one of the little girls insisted that he have one. The girls are so joyful even though they have so little. When touring the facility, a Back2Back staff member told us that they had wanted to donate washing machines to the home, but the nuns were against it because they want to prepare the girls for their future and most of them will never have a washing machine. As Americans, we can have trouble with properly responding to poverty because we do not understand it. It is so eye opening to realize that sometimes the American way of responding to poverty is not actually the right way to respond to the it. In addition, we have been realizing that true joy comes from Christ, not from any worldly possessions that we, as Americans, are so accustomed to.

One last thing we have seen so much in Mexico is how relational they are. While we tend to be so focused on being individuals, they are much more inclined to work together and admit that they need each other. Even though they do not have that much, the people we have worked with know that they have each other and they have God.

Please continue to pray for us as we continue our ministry. Tomorrow we will be going to a government children’s home where we are allowed to share the gospel, which has been made possible only through the power of God. We appreciate you all and your prayer support greatly!

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