Looking Toward the Future

Hi everyone,

We are plugging along here in Indy. I’ve so enjoyed learning about the ministry here at Shepherd. I can’t tell you how amazing this staff is! The staff is so prepared to engage with the individuals that come into the community center; they are not intimidated.

With that being said, our ministry has been geared toward the staff of Shepherd. There is only so much that we as a team can do! After all, this is only a week. Yet, here is a staff that shows up every morning, ready to engage with the poverty of Indy. We were given a statistic that it takes 6 to 8 positive mentors to break the cycle of poverty in a child’s life. I will not be able to break the cycle of poverty in the life of a child in Indy, but the staff at Shepherd will. So far, our main goal has been to make the workload of the staff easier…this usually includes a lot of heavy lifting.

One thing that I was not expecting was how much I would love our class about poverty. All week we are taking a class with a man named Tim Streett, who teaches Poverty 101. He has an amazing testimony; it’s unbelievable! Just Google him. I’m sure you’ll find something. Tim has chosen to pour into Indy by living in the midst of the urban poverty and raising his family there. He’s an expert on the poverty of Indy. Tim has called attention to things that I have previously just glanced over. For example, he had us list the types of businesses in the area around Shepherd as compared to the businesses that tend to be in suburban areas. Even that, listing the differences between a suburban area in comparison to an urban area, has opened my eyes. Tim left us with this nugget of truth today… “Poverty comes down to this: some look towards the future with excitement, while others simply have the here-and-now and have never been told they can look toward the future.” Make sure you tell the kids in your life that you believe in them and that they CAN do it!

Bottom line…I’m loving Poverty 101.

Continue to pray for times of rest and for lots of opportunities to support the staff in great ways!



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