“Spring” Break Flexibility

We’re sorry about our lack of posts so far. The blog has been blocked on the network we’re using, causing some technical difficulties. Enjoy this update.

The word that best defines our trip to this point is “flexibility.” In the past, spring break trips to Indianapolis have split their time between helping in the classroom at Shepherd’s academy and doing work projects. This year, we started the week not entirely sure what to expect, since this is the school’s spring intermission and Shepherd is on spring break also. We were planning to do a morning VBS for some local kids, but that ended up not working for various reasons. We were expecting “spring” break and got over six inches of snow. But through it all, God has been working, and we’ve been learning and growing as a team.

Here’s a quick summary of highlights:

On Sunday, we were able to worship with all three of Shepherd’s normal congregations in a wonderful blend of backgrounds, ethnicities, and worship styles. As one of our team members said later, “This is what heaven is going to be like—only awesomer.”

We’ve done a number of work projects, including sorting a few hundred books; emptying locker rooms at Jireh, Shepherd’s sports center; unloading and sorting 2,400 pounds of food; and reorganizing Shepherd’s pantry.

We’ve heard the stories of several Shepherd staff members and been impacted by learning how God has worked in their lives to bring them to where they are today.

We’ve had two Poverty 101 sessions with Tim Streett, learning about the biblical view of poverty and how worldviews differ between people living in poverty and in the middle class.

We helped plan and host a “family night” for a few dozen of Shepherd’s families. We played minute-to-win-it games with the kids, served hot dogs and sack dinners, and enjoyed laughing with our Indianapolis neighbors.

We’ve enjoyed devotions, worship, and games as a team, getting to know each other through working, playing, and hearing each other’s stories.

Thank you to everyone who has been praying for us! Please continue to pray for strength and good rest. Also, for continued openness in letting our hearts engage with the poverty of Indy.


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