Hola from the DR!

Hello from the D.R.!! First off, I’d like to apologize for the stress and worrying that I’m are sure we caused all of the mothers. 🙂 We are safe and sound and having the time of our lives down here in sunny Jarabacoa! We’ve spent our time getting acquainted with the Dominican lifestyle which is a bit slower paced than in America. We have loved the beautiful base and Students International staff that have housed us and provided us with some of the most delicious food! Fresh fruit, chicken and rice never seem to get old! We’ve even been able to try some goat and chicken feet. Our days start off bright and early at 6:30 am with devotions, prayer, worship and a lesson followed by a yummy breakfast. We have gone to our sites each day and we have been extremely blessed in seeing how God works though the Dominicans. –Kenzie

                One of my favorite parts of the Dominican, besides the beautiful mountainous view and flowing waterfall we got to visit, is traveling in open air trucks. Also, having several Dominican families open up their house for us to enjoy a traditional Dominican meal has been a highlight. Today has been a bit rainy, and when it rains, it doesn’t stop. I think we could all say that we’re a bit worn out, between sunburn, bug bites and long days, but we wouldn’t want to be doing anything else. Sorry we took so long to blog! Prayers are continually appreciated, especially for the language barrier :)—Kenzie

I’d like to start off by saying I have accumulated 36 bug bites, no exaggeration.  Having that said, that has been the only part that I would want to do without on this trip.  There is so much to say, I don’t know where to begin.  They have this thing called siestas here, which means basically you have a two hour lunch where you eat and take a nap.  WE MUST take this back to the US!  One of the first days we were here we went on a hike to a gorgeous waterfall and got to swim.  It was a lot of fun.  Our team has been growing closer and closer as the days go by.  We can definitely feel your prayers.  I work at an education site with a preschool that has children from ages 3-4.  They are the most precious things you will ever see.  What we do at my site is help the teachers by playing with the children, helping serve meals, and cleaning up.  My site leader Yocasta speaks excellent language, so the language barrier isn’t that difficult until a 4 year old looks at you and slurs some Spanish and you just have to say “Si” or “Bien” when really you have no idea what they are saying.  Being here really makes me want to learn Spanish.  It is crazy how being in another country can make you clearly see how your perspective has been molded from your country.  I am so blessed to be on this trip, where God reveals himself to us every single day through the joy of the Dominican people.-Shayna

Today, instead of playing with three and four year olds we got to hang out with teenagers.  We played a lot of games such as races, volleyball, and soccer, every game was Dominicans vs. Americans.  Sadly to say we lost every time.  But we held our own!  We also got in a water fight in the pouring down rain.  It was very cold, but a lot of fun.  They thought it was very funny to get Mackenzie and I wet.  We were soaked for the rest of the day until we got back on base.  After the water fight, a couple of us shared our testimonies and we watched videos about Jesus.  It was great to worship alongside of Dominicans our age. –Shayna

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