We began our packed day of ministry with a visit to CAT (Casa de Asistencia Temporal); a government assisted emergency shelter for abused children. The attitude of the children there was captured in the moment the kids walked in the gate. In a moment, a little boy and one of our team members immediately locked eyes, the little boy running towards him and embracing him. The kids at the shelter had such a longing to be loved and held onto us the entire time we sang songs and played games. We practically had to pull them off of us. It got us thinking about what they may have gone through. We cannot even imagine, but we know that they have come from incredibly difficult situations, the CAT only being a temporary home. The fact that we were able to share the message of Christ with those children was such a blessing. We cannot even imagine being so young and having already gone through so much; if anyone needs Christ, those kids certainly do.

The next thing we did was go to the grocery store to shop for groceries for a woman named Oti. This is something that Back2Back regularly does in order to help out this woman and her eight children. Simply grocery shopping made us realize the real need that Back2Back was meeting. They are not simply giving things to her, but they are working with her. When we delivered the groceries to her small house, we saw her washing machine in her front yard from which she runs her laundry business. She had lost her husband and all she wants is to keep her family together. Even though the children share beds and they do not have much, Back2Back has paid to provide the children with an education and has worked with Oti to discipline her children in a healthy way.

We then returned to the house to prepare a meal to take to the house of a woman named Rosie, whose home we had began building a wall at earlier in the trip. She runs a children’s ministry out of her home about three times a week and we had the opportunity to assist her in that tonight. Since she includes a meal, we took care of that for the day. I cannot even describe what an incredible woman Rosie is, but the variety of volunteers who showed up tonight can somewhat express her faith. The father of a family from Illinois had met Rosie during a trip of hers to America, during a time in which her ministry was more in its beginning stages. They had prayed for volunteers to come join Rosie in her ministry. Him and his family are on vacation in Cancun and came to volunteer tonight with Rosie’s ministry. Then there were two women who said they met Rosie at their hotel and she invited them over for the ministry tonight; I did not realize it at first, but they were actually from Alaska! The night was incredible, filled with a spirit of joy that can only come from the Lord as we sang songs, ate a delicious meal, and played games. At the end of the night, we all stood in a circle and prayed. It was incredible how God brought all of us together at Rosie’s house to serve for a common purpose. We may never see each other again, but tonight was such an incredible picture of the kingdom of God.

During our reflection time tonight, we heard the testimony of one of our beloved Back2Back staff members named Mau. He is an incredible man of God. His story showed God’s faithfulness and how God can work, even in the most helpless situations. He brought many of us to tears and showed us what it truly means to live our lives for Christ. We said goodbye and tears began streaming down some of our faces. We thought he was gone for good and then we saw the door open and willingly welcomed him back in for some last words. He told us about the importance of not passing up a chance to tell people how you really feel and he said how truly thankful he was for us. When Mau was gone for real, we prayed for him, tears steaming down our faces and tried to piece together the incredible impact this trip has had on our lives so far, determined to make an actual change in the way we live our lives, and realizing just how much one person can make a difference through the power of Christ.

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