Remember with us…

Here are some specific prayer requests we would ask you to remember with us…

  • Friends at the halfway house
  • Thankfulness for James Lewis and his testimony of gratitude.
  • The high school guys who received Christ this week: Trevor, Marcello, Jordan, & Mason
  • Our friends from the halfway house who rededicated their lives to Christ, or gave their life to Jesus for the first time: Zeke and Lucky (Jennifer)
  • Joshua who is seeking peace and restoration
  • Red….for safety and for healing.
  • Larry that somehow he will beat his addictions and find some measure of peace.
  • Hailey and Cameron… that they would feel God’s reality in their lives.
  • Donny… That God would protect and provide for his band.
  • The people we encountered that were challenged and touched by what we had to share with them, but still remain living in their old ways.
  • All the Christians we were able to meet and spur on together in truth
  • Rest for our team as we adjust from this trip back into our busy school and work schedules
  • Wisdom as we share our experiences from this trip with others in order to encourage, edify, and challenge.
  • Safety as we drive the 1000+ miles home!

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