It’s Almost Here

Hey Friends,

I hope that this message is finding you enjoying your last few days of the semester before we head out on our spring break trips. Just some things to share about our Memphis team. We have raised more than enough money to support our trip to Memphis!! Praise be to the Lord!! On Monday, March 10 the Memphis team had our local service project. We headed over to Jerry Nelson’s farm to help him organize some things that he had collected in his chicken coop. It was a really neat experience and we learned as a team that we work well together, which is super uplifting. This past week, we had our final class meeting before we head out to Memphis. We went over the logistics of our trip, but what was really awesome and unique about our night was that we spent time sharing communion as a team. We were able to gather around the Lord’s Supper as a team. That was super awesome. In addition to sharing in the Lord’s Supper, we also spent time sharing some of our worries and hopes with one another for our trip. After this we prayed all out loud at the same time. You might think, how can you have 20 people praying all at the same time and for God to hear it? Well what’s really neat is that God does hear all 20 voices when they speak at the same time.

We start our journey to Memphis on Saturday at 10 am so if you all could keep us in your prayers as we are traveling. Throughout the week we will be serving alongside Service Over Self (SOS). If you could also pray that our time goes well and that we can not only make an impact on the people that we serve in Memphis, but that we make an impact on our hosts and team leaders at SOS. We are all getting excited to head out and do God’s work. Thank you for your support and prayers.

For every house is built by someone, but God is the builder of everything. ~ Hebrews 3:4

One thought on “It’s Almost Here

  1. Hey there! I’m a Taylor alum that graduated in 2006 and I’m so excited to hear about a Taylor team coming to Memphis! I’ve lived in Memphis for 5 years now serving as a youth leader at second Presbyterian church and I love SOS and the neighborhood you all will be serving in. I actually lived in bing Hampton for 3 of the years I’ve been here! Hope y’all have a great week!! And definitely get some central BBQ while your here:)

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