Birds of a Feather

Today (March 23) was the beginning of our trip to Grant County! Our group met up for breakfast, and we all drove out to get to Gethsemane Episcopal Church to see where we were going to stay for the week. Upon arrival, Emily and Josh, two local residents of the church, greeted us. They gave us a tour of the house and we all unloaded our cars to settle in. We had a group meeting afterwards so we all understood what we would do for the following week in the house in regards to our schedule.

After all was understood, we went to go get lunch at local restaurant Crepe Crazy, followed by groceries at several stores. For team building, all of us went to Matter Park and threw Frisbees, flew kites, and played various other games. There were several other groups of people and dogs at the park. After a while, we headed back to the church, and made a pasta dinner for ourselves. We ate and Bethany gave us her testimony around the dinner table. It was great to learn more about one of our leaders, and it brought up some good topics for the group as a whole. After she spoke, we cleaned up, and went back to the house to rest up and play some games. The first day was action-packed, and filled with team building exercises. Can’t wait to see what else happens over the week!


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