Day 1

This is not the forecast you want to see on the first day of beach ministry:

But even with the threat of rain the team was excited about the chance to get out on the beach and share Gods love with the people of Daytona. The night before had been an incredibly encouraging evening, as we worshipped together (this team LOVES to worship) and had a meaningful time of foot-washing,

and spent time prayer-walking on the beach were we would soon minister.


So as we headed out in the midst of wind and clouds, our spirits were not dampened. And as we met back after the day we were amazed by Gods faithfulness in bringing people into our paths, enabling us to minister in exciting ways. We met, and conversed with Muslims, Hindus and Mormons. With old, young, wealthy and homeless. We had the privilege of meeting so many image bearers of God…and this is just day 1!

Keep praying for more opportunities and for us to be faithful when the opportunities present themselves. The team is growing close and really enjoying, and encouraging, each other.

While we would love sunshine…we would rather have more days like today.

2 thoughts on “Day 1

  1. I love reading your posts about what God is already doing through your amazing team! Continue to change lives! I am praying for you! Let God’s love shine through you!

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