¡Hola from Honduras!

Sorry for the late entry, but we have had connection issues with the internet down here. We arrived safely in Tegucigalpa at around noon yesterday. We were greeted by one of our teammate’s parents, who are from Honduras. Leslie (our guide for the week) and three Taylor grads who are working in Tegucigalpa also met us at the airport for lunch. Then it was time for our four hour bus ride to El Sembrador in the town of Catacamas. We were amazed by the beauty of the surrounding land and small cities that we passed through. After we arrived at El Sembrador, we moved in and had a delicious home cooked meal. The food and facilities are both outstanding! After dinner, we were able to interact with the boys who live here and are students here. We played soccer with them and were able to engage in conversations despite our language barrier. Our language barrier can be a road block, but we know that God can and will work through that as we have seen evidence so far. Please continue to pray for our team and that we are able to be used however God wants us to this week.
Today, we got up early for breakfast and had a small team devotional before touring the school. We were able to visit several classrooms and introduce ourselves to the teachers and students. After the tour, we had a presentation on the cultural differences of the United States and Honduras. It will be good for us this week to be aware of these differences. This afternoon, we got the chance to tour the farm. We were amazed by the variety of scenery from mountains to corn, the scenery was very different than good ol’ Upland. There were all kinds of animals such as cattle, horses, water buffalo, pigs, and howling monkeys (yes, you read that right, we saw actual monkeys outside of a zoo!) We also got some time to help the boys at the school with their daily chores. They ranged from raking leaves to feeding cows. Tonight we visited a small village to perform our three dramas and share our testimonies for the people during a church service. Before the service, we were able to pass out candy and some toys to the many small children. We got back and had our devotional time and now have an opportunity to play sports with the boys.
In Christ,
Honduras Team

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