Update on Poland Team!

Today was the first day that the Poland team went into the high-school in Sandomierz, in order to help the students with their English language skills! It was an amazing day!
We began our day with devotionals and breakfast at 7:00, and we headed to the school at 8:00. We taught 6 different groups of students, and we paired up with them in groups of 2
Taylor students and 2-6 high-school students.
We spoke with them about life in Poland, and answered a lot of questions about what life in the states is like. The students were very interested in Indiana and wanted to hear all about it, and they also were interested in what our school is like.
In the evening we participated in an English skills program at the local church, which we had invited the students to during the school day. Unfortunately only a few students attended, but we are praying that the next few days have a much better outcome. It’s in God’s hands!
Please keep our team in your prayers, and pray that God will prepare the hearts of the people here in Poland.


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