Diggin Up Them Holes

The adventures of Mexico have been nonstop since we’ve arrived in Mazatlán. Our first day here we went right to work, as we were told that children from the Salvation Army Children’s home would join us at the Back2Back home to swim. As flexibility is a part of every mission’s trip though, we found out that the children would not be coming and instead the girl’s home would be coming to swim with us instead. We had such a great time with the girls, swimming, playing spoons, coloring, and working on our Spanish skills through some amazing conversations and then finished our day with the group facilitator who shared his testimony.
Day two was as busy as could be as we went to a Spanish church, had lunch at a lookout that gave us an amazing view of the Pacific ocean, and then had the joy of going to the Salvation Army Children’s home to meet some adorable children, do skits, music and watch the children of the home show us a couple of cultural dances . Day three was all about the Salvation Army Children’s Home. We worked on a construction project the first part of the day, digging holes, bending wires, and jack-hammering away. Then the children got home from school and it was finally play time! This was a very exciting moment for us as we had been waiting all day for the children to arrive. We then did some more skits, sang some songs, made salvation bracelets and played numerous games of tag with the children.
All in all, these last 3 days have been absolutely phenomenal and have already proven to be a lasting impact on our lives. Each night we have debrief with our group facilitator and we’ve had the opportunity to talk about the experiences we’ve had so far in Mexico as well as reflect on what God has been teaching us so far. God really is doing amazing works in our lives and in our hearts and we are so ready to continue this journey with Back2Back Ministries in Mazatlán, Mexico.

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