Gracious Affirmation

Except for the times when a person gives their life to the Lord, it’s a rare opportunity to receive feedback in beach ministry. But yesterday the rare thing happened. Three of our team were out talking to people when they encountered two high school guys. In talking with them, one was particularly touched by the conversation and expressed that he had all but given up on God. His friend had been praying that he would somehow find his way back to faith. When our team left, they gave the guys their number and told them to contact them if they had questions. Later that night our team received the following text:

Hey, I want to thank you guys today because this is the closest I’ve ever had to my faith being restored. Idk if you’re real or my guardian angel or what but I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. A little bit after we talked I broke down for the first time ever and it had to do with you guys. Keep doing what you’re doing even if you get shut down repeatedly because you definitely made a lasting impact in my life. And I only talked to you guys for 30 mins at most

So thankful for God’s kindness in sharing this encouragement with us. Keep praying!!

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