Hello From Down the Road!

We apologize for not posting a daily blog yet; however, look forward to hearing from us for the remainder of the week! We arrived at Shepherd Community Center on Saturday evening and were introduced to the facilities and people here. On Sunday morning, we had the great experience of attending church services here at Shepherd. Raw worship, powerful testimonies, and even a message from the IMPD truly allowed us to see what God is doing in the local community here.

After church and a potluck, Sunday was a low-key day, but we made sure we obtained plenty of rest Sunday night! Monday, we started the day early and even though it’s only Tuesday now, it is as if a long time has passed since Monday morning. During the weekdays the Academy (grades K through 4) has school here from 8 to 12:30. During this, we are able to volunteer our time here in the classroom with the teachers. Monday afternoon, we packed 160 bags of food for families to take home during spring break to be used as a supplement throughout that week. Tuesday afternoon (today), we had our first session of the Poverty 101 class. This will be as much of a learning experience as it is a volunteer experience!

Shepherd also coordinates after school programs in the evening, so Monday evening and this evening we were involved with these. At Shepherd, school children from several schools (grades 1-6) in the community come for support in many ways. Shepherd provides snacks, social time, homework assistance, clubs, and activities. Additionally, at another site, Shepherd volunteers help run an after school program that enable school children to participate in fun sports, so some of us spent time there as well.

After the programs on Monday, alumni in the area hosted us at three different homes for dinner and we were able to fellowship with Taylor alumni! Moreover, alumni will be partnering with us in our volunteer work here later this week.

We have enjoyed working and learning here at Shepherd so far. The rest of the week will be pretty typical of what yesterday and today looked like. We will help run the Academy in the morning to afternoon time, have more sessions of Poverty 101, and be involved in other after school programs. We are learning quite a bit and at the end of each day have a lot to process. This week will certainly be challenging in many ways, but growth and development will certainly occur along with the formation of relationships. We have had tremendous support in prayer and finances. We thank you for that and look forward to sharing more of our experiences with you!


The Indy Team

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