Teaching and Touring!

Tuesday and Wednesday were very exciting days for the Poland team. On Tuesday we had our second day of teaching and practicing English with students in a Polish high-school. To help the students with their English we simply had conversations with them.
We spoke to the students about their lives in Poland, and answered many questions about life in the U.S. The students seemed really excited and engaged, and it was encouraging to see them so happy to be in school!
On Tuesday we also had the second day of our evening English program in the church in Sandomierz. It had a great outcome! 9 students came, and we had lessons with them in 2 groups, intermediate and advanced. We had a really fun time with them, and they seemed really excited to be at the church, and hopefully they will come to our last class on Thursday!

On Wednesday we took an excursion to Lublin. We went to the Majdaneck Concentration Camp to begin our day. We saw the place were many horrible events took place during the Holocaust, and it was a very humbling experience for everyone. It was also very educational as we were led through the camp by a tour guide.
We also were able to explore the city of Lublin; we ate lunch there and did some sight-seeing and shopping. Everyone in the group enjoyed seeing the city!
These past two days were so amazing, as we got to see God at work here in Sandomierz in so many ways.
Please continue to pray for the people here, as well as for our team.



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