Winter Weather Continues on Wednesday with Warm Love

The morning began as a typical weekday here at Shepherd. After breakfast and mingling with the school kids in the cafeteria, we helped the teachers throughout their classes and continued to interact with the children. A few of us helped out in the kitchen again as well, preparing lunch for everyone at Academy. After school was dismissed at 12:30, we had a great opportunity to debrief with one of the directors at Shepherd. In so doing, we were able to discuss thoughts and feelings as we continue to process how we see God working in the communities here. We are changing the way we understand poverty and are hopeful in increasing our capacity to embrace the grace of God and love not only ourselves, but those around us.

After the debrief, some of our group went to the after school program at another site to engage in some sporting activities and a magic show with a lot of the kids. The other part of our group stayed at the school building and helped out with some things that needed to be done. A few of us were in the kitchen preparing dinner, which we took to a hangout place in the warehouse that Shepherd owns. There, the youth (middle school and high school) meet every Wednesday night. We brought the dinner over for them and played dodge ball. Moreover, a few alumni met us there and joined us. This was a great time of fellowship and deepening our understanding of what it takes to foster consistent relationships in this community. Shepherd certainly is a place where this can happen.

Upon our return to the Shepherd Community Center, we spent some time together in reflecting on the day and worshiping. We are excited to continue to learn how we can be effective and humble in the ministry that God is doing here and elsewhere.  Again, we thank you for your interest in us and for your continued support!

God Bless.

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