A Day Full of Adventure

We started out the day by waking up at 5 am. The team decided to get up early to watch the sunrise! It was so beautiful to see the sun come up over the mountains. We were near the lake at El Sembrador so everything was reflecting off of the water. Then we had an amazing breakfast and set out to continue working on our projects. Some went to work on the sidewalk and some went to paint in one of the barns at the farm. We worked until lunch time and then it was time for an adventure. We had the opportunity to travel up the mountains. There are several caves up there and we were able to take a tour through one. It was such a great experience and just captivating. After getting back from the caves, we had some time to get all dressed up for dinner. We had dinner in town instead of here at the farm. We ate at a restaurant called Iguanas. The had a small outdoor zoo and we actually got a chance to play with the monkeys there. We had so much food and it just kept coming. We also had these great fruit drinks in big glass chalice. This was a perfect ending to a great day and week so far. When we got back, we had time to play soccer with the boys. They are so much fun to hang out with. Tomorrow is the busiest day of our week so we would appreciate your prayers. Thanks again for your support and we can´t wait to see how God will work through us again tomorrow.    

                                                                                                                                                                 -Honduras Team

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