A Cold Day in Daytona

Yesterday was cold…really cold….cold, windy desolate…..something like this….

Okay, maybe not photo 1this desolate, but you get the idea…

People were few and far between…

But as we recapped the day last night and went over the things that happened we were again amazed at the goodness and faithfulness of our God…

We had amazing opportunities to be with beautiful families (with lively kids), we had the chance to engage with a Muslim family that was gracious to discuss the differences and photo 2similarities between our faiths, we again had time to talk with members of the homeless community and engaged with a gentleman that astounded members of our team with his amazing intelligence and memorization of the Bible, we engaged young couples in deep conversations and were able to pray with and for them, we were encouraged by strong believers who gave words of encouragement and we spent sweet time worshiping on the beach with our friends from across the street. Beach Worship

After dinner we once again had the awesome opportunity to go to Ocean View where we spent time worshiping with the residents of the home. This is annually one of the most beautiful events for us as we get to experience a true worship opportunity with the residents. This video is just a small taste of the amazing experience. Ocean View Worship

Continue to pray as we seek to follow God’s leading!

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