It is early Friday morning as I write this and it is quite warmer today already than it has been this week. As I walked across the parking lot to the building that has internet access I was listening to the birds singing for spring. Such joy the birds have!

We have such an even greater joy ourselves. Thursday was marked with many highs of the week but also several lows for some. The morning was typical, helping teachers in the Academy, continuing to cultivate relationships with the school kids, helping in the kitchen to prepare lunch, continuing to cultivate relationshie school kids, running around town with the kitchen operator. The afternoon called us to a service project in which we did massive cleanup at the warehouse that Shepherd owns. It was a little chilly and was raining on and off. There was some really nasty stuff that we were shoveling and cleaning up. There were large and heavy objects that required a few of us to work together to move and get into the dumpster. For some, it was a challenging project to say the least! It even challenged the hearts of a few of us. But, we accomplished the task at hand with a servant and loving attitude. We were able to bond through this experience and provide Shepherd with a much needed job.

After the cleanup project, we found a bite to eat at a local restaurant and enjoyed some fellowship. Then, two of our friends here at Shepherd met with us for some debriefing, questions, and continuation of Poverty 101. People are certainly gaining a better understanding of poverty and are discovering interests within themselves. Questions like ‘what are the next steps’ are being asked. At the end of the day, all of us were joyful for what God has been doing for so long in this community and what God has been doing just this week. We are eager for our last full day at Shepherd.

We thank you again for your interest in us, support and prayer. We cannot express that enough. We pray also for you.

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