Periwinkle People

Hello from Indy! Yesterday and today, we have been wandering around the city to get our bearings. We went to the Indy Art Museum, grocery shopping, city market, and church. Indy is so close to home, yet we have already learned about how much we don’t know about its people, places, and history. Out of the many things we have already done, my mind keeps circling back around to a painting we saw at the Indy Art Museum yesterday. It was hanging on the 4th floor-the contemporary art section. The painting was periwinkle. At first, I didn’t even notice it; my eye tends to be attracted to the vibrance of bright contrasting colors, so a canvas with only periwinkle was not that interesting. Then a group of us asked the vested expert about her favorite painting in the section. She instantly pointed to the periwinkle. Then she said, “If you get close to it and focus, there are a bunch of tiny pictures in it.” Our group huddled around the painting and sought for the hidden pictures. First a flower materialized, and then a whole spring scene complete with mice around a campfire walked onto the periwinkle paint. After just breezing right by it, I think that was my favorite painting in the whole museum.

In church today that is who we saw-periwinkle people. People who had been overlooked or written off finally being seen. We were served by them; we celebrated with them as they shared their Palm Sunday with us. Pray that we might keep our eyes out for the periwinkle on our trip, and that we might be strengthened to take a couple of seconds with everyone we see to look past our first impressions. God has been painting here for a long time before we came, and now we get to experience His art.

Prayer Requests:

Tomorrow we will start some work projects: cleaning, construction, and some other surprises. Pray that we might use the time of exploration and rest that we had to fuel our work. Not to us, but to Him be the glory. Pray for flexible hearts, as we still don’t know many of the specifics about we will will be doing.

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