The Start of Something…

We have arrived in beautiful Daytona Beach….and have settled into our home away from home at the El Caribe. The trip took a little longer than expected (thanks to more road construction than usual) but we arrived early afternoon on Saturday. For most, Saturday was a chance to relax, catch up on some rest and soak up some sun. Sunday started with a great time of worship (including sunrise singing on the beach), some sharing and then a chance to express our commitment to each other as roommates washed each other’s feet.

Last night we headed to Sun sunsplash-parkSplash (our ‘base of operations’) and spent time prayer walking, asking God to show up in powerful ways during the coming week. The night ended as we went for some ice cream and the team spent time talking to people in the mall area…We met a number of individuals, including some believers who prayed for and with members of our team. Those prayers remind us that we have friends and loved ones that are praying for us each day…THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS!

Today is the first ‘official’ day as we head out to the beach and into Daytona expecting God to lead us into sacred appointments with those He would have us connect with. Pray for boldness, wisdom. But most of all, pray that our love of God, each other and those we meet will be irresistible to those we encounter throughout the day!

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