Feliz Cumpleaños (update from yesterday)

Love, was the common thread that ran through our day and was so evident. Our team gets along so well and we laugh so much that it feels like we have been together for a lot longer than 2 days.


We woke up to the smell of delicious crepes filled with ham and cheese, some even with fresh strawberries and bananas.  As we finished our breakfast we transitioned into a time of devotions as a team and then headed out to church.


The sermon today was all about Love, and the different types of love such as agape. The pastor talked a lot about men and women and their roles in relationships. We have to learn to ask for forgiveness and forgive one another so that we can then love each other better. Love never fails. 1 Corinthians 13:1-8 We were all reminded today of the never failing, unconditional love we have received from the Father. We were shown so much love from the people in church as they prayed for our families back home and the work that our team is going to be doing this week.

Feliz Cumpleaños

Rosie’s birthday was today and we all had an absolute blast celebrating her throughout the day. It all began at breakfast when we sang to her. Then when we arrived at the park we were visiting we surprised her with a cake and sang to her again. Hector proceeded to convince her that it was a tradition to take a bite of a giant piece of cake, we all agreed and said he was right. We all knew that Hector was really just going to shove the cake in her face. GOT HER. It was so much fun showering her with love on the day she was born.


This was the best part of our day. We got to hear first hand from one of the entrepreneurs that is a great example to others here in Tegucigalpa. Elizabeth has a passion that is so evident. Her faith is so inspiring. One of the stories she shared with us was about how she wanted to buy piece of land and would visit the land every single day to pray over it asking for God’s provision and guidance on whether or not she would be able to buy the land. She now owns the land and was even able to negotiate with the owner to buy it at a cheaper price. Elizabeth is a primary example of what we can pull from as we begin to meet with the small businesses tomorrow and Tuesday.

Please pray as we begin meeting with the entrepreneurs and hear their stories. Our team will all be assessing their needs and then will create workshops, activities, and devotions to share with them at the conference we are holding on Wednesday and Thursday at a retreat center.

Thank you for all of your love and support! We are so thankful for this opportunity!


The Honduras Team

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