Maddie Schwartz

Today’s blog is written by Maddie Schwartz. She is from Wakarusa, Indiana, and a professional “Head’s Up” player.

A quick story/lesson from this week:

At breakfast on Sunday I was walking past a woman and she dropped her pen. I quickly picked it up and handed it to her. She immediately smiled and thanked me saying I was “the sweetest” as she gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. She then proceeded to tell me that her name was Cheryl and that God had just blessed her with an apartment. She was to move in two weeks. It was a brief conversation, but it was a powerful moment for me. In Cheryl, I saw incredible trust in the Lord. She seemed to rely on him completely for all of her needs. I noticed the same strong trust in the Lord’s provision in many of the other community members that I encountered that morning. Another woman, Cheri, shared part of her story in front of the church. As she shared she made a statement that I thought perfectly described this type of trust. She said, “Send your requests to Him and BELIEVE that he will come through.” It seems so simple. Trust that the Lord will come through. Do I always fully believe that he will come through for me? I am not so sure that I do. I tend to doubt and question. However, it was through my encounters with these community members that I was reminded that we have such a TRUSTWORTHY God. He is faithful. We need to fully trust in his faithfulness, even in the midst of hardship and uncertainty.

Other updates from the week:

We have been spending a lot of time on work projects for Shepherd. We have painted, installed new dry wall, and prepared a garden for planting. It has been tiring but it has also been great knowing that we are helping an organization that makes such a great impact on the surrounding community. Today we started a Poverty 101 class with a staff member at Shepherd, Tim Street. In this class we are learning how our paradigms align with those in poverty, and how the church should approach poverty with a posture of learning. Also, through Taylor’s alumni office, we have been able to connect with some Taylor alumni around the Indy area. Seeing how they have chosen to engage their community where they are at has been a treat!! THANK YOU FOR PRAYING!

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