We like to Move It Move It!

IMG_0772 (1)

Maddie, Mallory, Taylor, and Jessie getting ready to paint some walls. Today we cleaned, moved furniture, put up dry wall, and painted.

We do, shall I say, “like to move it, move it. We like to move it move it!”- Madagascar 1   🙂

We are having a blast getting to know each other, and the gems within the Indy area. Today we got to hang out with Shepherd’s fellows (year-long interns), and it was awesome to see more of Shepherd’s impact on people outside of the community as well as inside of it!!!

Pray for endurance. Pray for more encounters with local neighbors, and pray for boldness and confidence in conversations! THANK YOU so much for making this possible. We will have some more stories coming at you soon! #Indyherd15

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