Beach TalkTuesday was a great day. Where Monday ended with frustration….Tuesday reminded us of the joy of this trip. It’s not that the external things were so different, we were just reminded of the privilege of being used by God to love his children. Like always, we had some great conversations. From high school students, to homeless men and women, to friends from Ocean View, to retired folks….and every type of person in between, we had the chance to encounter image bearers of God in all it’s marvelous diversity.

We’ve been unable to get our volleyball net working (problems with the poles) but thanks to ‘spike ball’ and the openness of the team, we didn’t sense any hindrances to conversation starters and getting to talk with the people of Daytona. James Lewis

We even had the privilege of watching one of our long time friends (James), after a 19 year hiatus, dip his feet back into the ocean. It was fun to walk with him and watch him enjoy the water. Looking back to our area from the water, seeing the variety of people all sitting around caring for each other was a beautiful site. Wish you could all be here to see it.

Continue to pray for the team. Wednesday is usually a day where the travel and sun catch up to us and we start feeling worn out…pray for strength, protection and most of all, a God-given ability to love each other and the people we meet throughout the day!

Today we will be back at the beach (and hope to have the volleyball net set up). Tonight will be  time of worship with our friends at Ocean View! Can’t wait for that!!



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  1. Glad to hear Tuesday was better. We’re praying for you all, though we’re secretly jealous of all that sunshine! Grace and peace to all of you.

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