Work Hard, Play Hard

Hola amigos!

It is the end of Tuesday and we are all sunburned, tired, and having a blast! The two days have been filled with construction work and playing with children. We are thankful for your prayers and support!

Yesterday, we went to a ministry sight called Rancho Viejo where we worked  all morning and afternoon helping with building the foundation of what will soon be a church. We dug holes, mixed concrete, and also put the concrete in. In the afternoon, we had the opportunity to walk into the neighborhood and find children to bring to our afternoon program that was filled with songs, skits, a Bible lesson and craft. It was amazing to see the work being done in Rancho Viejo!

Today, we went to a community called Trea Reyes. Back2Back is in the process of helping build a large community center for the people in Tres Reyes. This center will be used for many, many things such as: weddings, parties, tutoring, dental care, training kitchen, library, art classes…Etc. We spent the morning and afternoon working on construction for the community center and in the afternoon we played many games with the children of Tres Reyes.

We are amazed at all the things the Lord is doing here in Cancun! When most of us think “Cancun” we most likely think big resort and vacation. However, we have quickly learned that 95% of Cancun lives in poverty. Our eyes have been opened greatly, and we ask that you pray for God to keep revealing Himself to us.


Thank you for all your prayers! Adios!

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