A Beautiful Day…

NetToday was another beautiful Florida Day! The sun was out, the breeze was refreshing and there were just enough clouds in the sky to give occasional respite from the power of the sun…

But…that wasn’t what made the day so beautiful…

Today…we got a little taste of heaven. At one point in the afternoon, the volleyball court (yes…our contraption of PVC pipes actually worked to hold the net up) was FULL of people who represented all walks of life. Spring breakers, high schoolers, families, Ocean Viewers…a beautiful assortment of Volleyballpeople who would otherwise have NOTHING in common, all enjoying each other around a silly game of volleyball. And while the games were happening, all around the court were sacred conversations. Conversations about the important things of this life and the next.  It always amazes us (it probably shouldn’t) how hungry people are to talk and to be heard. And how open all of them are to hearing about and considering the idea that there is a Father who loves them. These conversations break across racial, economic and experiential lines.

We also saw some relationships continue from past conversations. Students that our team met during the previousConversations night, came to find the van and continue the conversation. Individuals we talked with on previous days, just happened to stop by for more conversation. Pray with us that those friends (and others we have talked to) will not be able to resist the lure of hearing more…and that they will find their way back to our group.

Remember also a precious 10 year old girl who has seen some incredible tragedy in her young life, but yesterday, was introduced to the ABBA Father, who will never leave her. She entered His family yesterday! Please pray with us for this beautiful new sister.

PrayerThe night ended with amazing worship with our friends at Ocean View. There is something about that experience which can’t be captured by words, pictures or even video. It’s VERY special. And we celebrated Dietrich’s birthday with cake and singing!

Today will be another day on the beach followed by an evening cookout at good friends! Keep praying! God is working!


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