Wednesday Update

On our first full day in Memphis (Sunday), the team went to a local coffee shop for breakfast; followed by a nondenominational church near the job sites. Following church, we wondered around Downtown Memphis around Beale Street and Beale Landing. We tried to take a group picture, but we aren’t sure what happen here.


After our first day working on Monday, we had exposure visits. On these visits, we were invited into members of the community’s homes who live under their means. One group visited the home of a COO of a local clinic and teacher that is in MTR (Memphis Teachers Residency), and the other group visited a member of a local hospital’s administration. Both members of the community live in areas of Memphis that would not be a traditional living area for a financially successful, white male. They view this as a ministry opportunity as a way to preach the gospel and spread the light of Christ among the community by literally loving their neighbors. After a team meeting Monday night, we took the photo below.

A team photo in their memphis shirts

SOS has assigned our team 6 different jobs sites throughout Orange Mound, the second neighborhood (first was Harlem) settled by African-Americans in the US. Our team has split up into 4 groups of 4 members, plus our team leaders distributed to each group. Each group has been assigned to jobs based on their team members skill level and competency. As of Wednesday, two teams have completed their first job and have moved on to their second jobs. One team in particular finished on Monday and were moved onto their second job by the next day. The other team that has completed its first job finished up roofing the remaining section of a home today (Wed.). They will move onto their second job tomorrow (Thursday). Rained caused our day to stop short on Wednesday around 3:30-4 pm.

Much love

Team Memphis

A photo of before (not completely before roofing)


A photo after completing the job


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