A conference, a waterfall, and a café.

Buenas Noches from Honduras.

Its been a long day for the business team. We apologize for the limited posts recently. We’ve been hard at work. On Monday and Tuesday we traveled around the city of Tegucigalpa meeting entrepreneurs and hearing their stories. From the information we gathered from them and some intense night planning sessions we were able to host a business conference for 21 entrepreneurs over the past two days.

Before the conference we were filled with fear and doubt. We were very unsure of our ability to pull such a substantial project off. However, now that we are at the other side, I can confidentially say that the conference was AMAZING! To God be the glory.We were able to provide the entrepreneurs with practical advice on topics they can use in their businesses such as interest rates on loans, branding, and quality control. The entrepreneurs were so grateful for the help and were motivated to go back and do great business. Both us and the entrepreneurs were mutually encouraged. More than anything, we were about to talk about how to do godly business with these entrepreneurs. We were able to share our hearts and motivation with them.

After waving goodbye to the entrepreneurs, we went into a city called the Vally of Angels. We went there for a short amount of time a few days ago, but today we got to explore the area for quite a while. We spend some hours hanging out in a local coffee shop and talking.

We finished off the day by heading back to our home base, Mision Caribe, having dinner and then sharing some testimonies.

It was a wonderful day for all of us. We thank you again for your love and prayers. We are looking forward to sharing our many stories with you all.




P.S. For a special treat, this morning, the second day of our conference, we all got up at 6am to take a hike to a waterfall. Some of us only made it half way. The hills were killer. But the pictures were beautiful.

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