Barbecue, Banana Pudding, and Donuts

Today’s activities can be summed up through the foods that we ate today, hence the title.

BARBECUE: Today a neighbor of one of the houses made two of the teams a barbecue lunch. This lunch not only included grilled meats of all kinds, but also a popcorn machine and a snow cone machine. Even though the food was fabulous, the conversation during the meal was what really made the lunch special. We discussed the different gifts that we see in each other and how those gifts not only make up who we are, but they help develop relationships. Getting to hear what other people had to say about each other in a positive light made any frustrations quickly evaporate. It was truly great to get to fellowship over fantastic southern cooking.

Jen and Quynn togetherDavid and Ken togetherIMG_0102Snow cone machine

BANANA PUDDING: Even though the events I will be describing will did not happen during dinner specifically, they happened shortly afterwards. After dinner this evening, we had chapel. We also had chapel on Sunday and Tuesday night. This week our focus during chapel has been on the gospel and how to interpret it. It was insightful and made each of us think. The worship was superb and very real. After a worship song or two and the message, a staff member of SOS came up and opened the floor to those who wanted to speak about what God taught them this week. Once the testimonies were over, we resumed worshipping and chapel ended. After chapel, each team added to and signed a scrapbook for their homeowner(s).

DONUTS: Once the scrapbooks were finished, the entire team from Taylor went with some SOS staff members and interns to a donut shop in town called Gibson’s Donuts. Gibson’s is well known in Memphis as a cheap donut shop that is open late with delicious donuts. While we were at the donut shop we ate donuts and just talked with each other. It was great to spend time together and get to know our team even better.



1) No rain

2) Safety

3) The community is impacted by our work and that God’s light be seen in our handiwork.

Thank y’all for all the prayer and support both before and during our trip. We hope you continue to check the blog and enjoy our pictures that are posted.


Memphis Spring Break Team

One thought on “Barbecue, Banana Pudding, and Donuts

  1. I will both lie down in peace, and sleep; for you alone , O Lord, make me dwell in safety. Psalm 4:8 Praying for safety and sunshine

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