Footwashing, Horses, and God’s Faithfulness

(Today’s blog is written by Cameron Eckmann. He is from Anchorage, Alaska, and he is a Star Wars mafia Jedi in his free time.)

Yesterday afternoon, we participated in an event at Shepherd sponsored by Samaritan’s Feet. Basically, we handed out free shoes to kids in the neighborhood near Shepherd, and we washed their feet. Our tasks included helping out in the parking lot, directing people to the foot-washing station, rinsing out foot-washing buckets, getting different sized shoes for different kids, and having the privilege (no, but actually) of washing feet.

I was one of the privileged foot-washers. I would take off the kid’s shoes and socks, put their feet in the water, wash them, dry them with a towel, and put new socks and shoes on their feet. Throughout the process, I would ask them what their favorite color, movie and animal was. (One girl said her favorite animal was a horse, and I proceeded to tell her that my spirit animal was a stallion. That was a social blunder if I’ve ever seen one.) And there was something about foot-washing that was really special. It was a way for us as a team to show the people at Shepherd that we were there to serve them, and I was really glad to be a part of it.

I also had a really cool personal experience yesterday. This entire week, I had been struggling with expectations. No matter how hard I tried, I came into the trip with certain expectations of how our team was going to be, how I was going to be affected, and how I was supposed to have some sort of spiritual high that comes with many missions trips. Also, I had felt like everything on the trip had gone so fast, and I hadn’t had any time to find spiritual meaning in any of it.

Then, this afternoon, Audrey and Maddie asked me how my trip had gone. After I explained my situation, they both agreed and went on to say that they didn’t expect to fully process it until after we leave Shepherd and have a little bit more opportunity to think about it all.

After that, I realized that I don’t have to make this trip more than what it is, and I don’t have to try to turn it into some sort of spiritual high that’s forced and ingenuine. Instead, I can just be thankful for what’s happening here at Shepherd. Also, I can rest in the knowledge that God’s will is a whole lot better than my expectations, and He is going to work in my heart in His timing, not mine.

Thank you for reading this and continuing to pray for us! God is doing really great things here at Shepherd, and I’m excited to see what happens the rest of the week.

One thought on “Footwashing, Horses, and God’s Faithfulness

  1. “God’s will is a whole lot better than my expectations….” Something we can all learn from. Thanks Indy Team for your servant hearts and a willingness to demonstrate God’s amazing love!

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