WOW (world full of wonder) is all I can say about these past few days. We have done everything from digging in the dirt to serving at an Athletes in Action breakfast for the Final Four. Throughout our time one thing remained the same, no matter if we were in the midst of affluence or poverty, Jesus was there.

He was here in Indianapolis before we were even born, and He will remain after we leave. We have not brought the Gospel to Indy this week, but we have had the phenomenal opportunity to join in the wonder He has planted all around us this Easter. As one of our group members, Mallory said her high of the week was simply experiencing the diverse collection of people in this city. She said that it was so powerful to be reminded of Christ’s love for people (especially during the season of Easter) while joining in His love to minister to people at Shepherd, and even just people on our team.

The sun is shining on Indianapolis today, and our team is experiencing the warmth of Jesus’ love for humanity.

I am so thankful for this trip. As a senior about to graduate without solid plans, I have spent the past few weeks worrying about my future. On this trip, God has shown me that that He will provide what I need. He molds the disconcerting experience of jumping into the unknown a joyful one, and He has filled this world with wonder.

We are attempting to open our eyes wide and embrace the wonder around us through gratitude and prayer. I am going to try to get everyone who wants to a chance to share their experiences and lessons learned on the blog, so please keep checking for updates, praises, and wonderful moments from my teammates. And, as always, thank you all for making this journey for us possible. We have had such a unique opportunity to engage our hearts, minds, and bodies in service of the beautiful people of Indianapolis. Glory to God, and have a WONDERFUL day!!!

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