Daytona Prayer Requests

-Pray that we would be able to speak the truth to people in need with NO fear.
-Pray that we would have Radical Boldness!
-Pray that we can see others as Jesus sees them.
-Pray that we could dive deeper into what it means to live with a kingdom mindset so that sharing is not a formula, but an overflow from our own lives, and who Jesus is to us personally.
-Pray we can love each other and those we meet well as a team.
Daytona Team Picture 2016.jpg
Front Row: Delaney Getz, Natalie Rupp, Molly McNamara, Grace Carver, Natalie Duncan, Kelsie Collins
Second Row: Erika Mortland, Gloria Bulaya, Heather Stedt, Jesslyn Ridge, Mackenzie Hiers, Parker Rea, Danielle Straits
Third Row: Steve Mortland, Alyssa Henrikson, Ari Gibula, Mitch Helmkamp, Sam Davies, Josiah Peterson, Mike McLean, Noah Nemni
Last Row: Wynn Coggin, Nick Dennig, Luke Gray, Grason Poling, Chad Ibach, David Wright

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