Russia Prayer Requests

  1.  Safe travels
  2. To be understood in a foreign place
  3.  Effectively share God’s love
  4.  Health for our team
  5.  Be vulnerable with one another as a team
  6.  To walk humblyRussia Team Picture 2016.jpeg
    Row 1: Kayleigh Avery, Mackenzie Tierney, Ali Shahsavar
    Row 2: Laura Sells, Emma Rudd
    Row 3: Nina Siems, Hannah Harvey, Abigail Crump
    Row 4: Natalie Nohr, Annika Noetzel
    Row 5: Hanna Foster, Jason Koh, Taylor Dunlop
    Row 6: Noah Jurgensen, Joe Schuette, Stephen Susman, Graham Ortmann
    Row 7: April Jurgensen, Jim Jurgensen

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