To O’Hare and beyond


Day 1:

Our bags are tagged, our wheels are moving, and we are waving goodbye to the Upland cornfields.

After spending the last few months studying every individual note of our music, the Taylor Chorale and Sounds vocal ensembles are finally headed to the O’Hare airport to begin our spring break missions trip to Greece.

While overseas we will perform almost every night at a variety of churches and organizations across the country- touring many locations of great spiritual significance mentioned in the Bible. Although we are aware that our trip revolves around our voices, this trip is much more than just a string of concerts to us.

It is a mission. It is a chance to serve. It is a chance to connect with people who are joyful, as well as those who are hurting beyond belief. It is a chance to step out of our cultural comfort zone and engage new perspectives. It is a chance to reach out to others, with only the language of song.

While we know every note and phrase in our repertoire by heart, we have no idea what effect these songs may have on our journey. Only God can communicate through our sound.

It may not be much, but these melodies are what we have to offer the people of Greece. It is our gift and we are ready to give it away.


The Taylor Chorale and Sounds would greatly appreciate prayers as we embark on this journey.

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