We Made It!

Day One:DR.jpg

After a tiring day of plane rides and a bus ride, we are here! We left Upland at 2:30 am, took a one hour flight from Indianapolis to Atlanta, Georgia, a four hour flight from Georgia to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, and an hour long bus ride from Santo Domingo to Jarabacoa. We are staying at a Kids Alive house while here. Though day one was exhausting and most of us had no sleep, we kept our spirits high as we continued to travel. Everyone is happy to be here, and we are all safe and sound.

Day Two:

Our day started with worshiping with the people of Jarabacoa at a local church. It was so amazing to see two groups of people from different parts of the world worship and praise the same amazing God!! As a team, we took a hike to a beautiful, beautiful waterfall where we swam, jumped off cliffs, and saw the beauty of Jarabacoa.

The Lord has been so good to us during these past two days, and we cannot wait to work with the kids tomorrow! We ask for prayers as God continues to work through us and as we spread the good news of Gospel!

We also ask for prayers for our fellow Taylor University student (not of this trip) as he was in a firearm accident in his home today. He is in stable condition, but needs our prayers. His name is Conner Faulkner. Thank you

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