Day Three

Our day started with a wonderful breakfast and was followed by a day full of various work projects around La Iglesia Evangelica Cristiana. We were again blessed with wonderful weather to work in! Some of our projects included painting the outside of the church, scraping and sanding, power washing, carpet and window cleaning, etc. We had a fun lunch as a team and then got back to work outside. It was awesome to see all of the progress we made at the end of the day. In the evening, after dinner, we held a small service on the street corner for people in the neighborhood. We broke up into teams and invited people to come in Spanish and English (:. We were able to perform both of our skits and had two people share their testimonies. The song team also lead us in some songs. It was cool to see people walk up and join in and listen to the truth we were able to share. The boys played some intense basketball and we then had team time where we may have laughed a little (lolz). 
Please pray for continued strength and health for us all. Please pray also against fear and that God would give us boldness, trust, strength, and joy as we continue serving in McAllen, Texas!

-Mere Touby    

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