From Thessaloniki to Alexandroupolis

Day 3: “Who’ll be a witness for my lord?”

Fourteen airborne hours and three in-flight meals later, the team has touched down in Thessaloniki, Greece.

After a full Saturday of traveling, the chorale was more than ready to get up and stretch our legs in front of our first Greek audience. On Sunday we had the opportunity to perform twice in two different cities.

In the morning, we began by getting in our concert attire and packing our bus. As we drove through the city to our first tour stop, the Evangelical Church of Thessaloniki, we learned about the historical and biblical significance of the city.

At 11, we were able to play a part in the Evangelical church’s service, singing most of our repertoire before the congregation between prayers in Greek. The church brought in an American missionary to speak, with the pastor translating his words into Greek, so both we and the congregation could understand the message.

After singing a benediction we were able to go into the crowd to meet people. Although we were only able to communicate through smiling handshakes with many of the church members, others spoke English and were able to share their stories with us.

Once we had finished eating a lunch graciously provided by the church, we grabbed our garment bags and piled back into the bus. Our next stop was a theatre a few hours away in Alexandroupolis, where we performed for the city’s Orthodox Church.

When we finished performing, the bishop of the church, stood and welcomed us to Greece. After reading our concert program, he discussed his amazement with how many places and hometowns each member of our chorale comes from- united by an affinity for music and a desire to worship the same God. He explained how this same need to praise unites believers all across the world- from Greece to America. The bishop then requested an encore of one of our songs, “Witness,” to which we gladly complied.

Returning to the hotel, we were able to process the hectic events of the day with our toes in the Aegean Sea- preparing for the next day of praise and new experiences that the sunrise will bring.

One thought on “From Thessaloniki to Alexandroupolis

  1. What great experiences that these young people are having. May God use you in mighty ways as you serve Him through music this week!! Praise Him for your safe travels over!!

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