Day Four

We continued to have an incredibly encouraging and productive day at La Iglesia Evangelica Cristiana in McAllen, Texas! We spent the morning and early afternoon finishing up our paint jobs, moving tree branches, and sifting and moving dirt. Some of our teammates helped clear a huge tree stump from the soccer field near the church. Thankfully, the cool weather held on for another day! In the evening, we once again held a service, this time at the community center. We were able to worship together with members of the church and the community. Aaron and Mere shares their testimonies, and Leah, Joe, and John did a great job leading worship. Afterwards, we went to a resturant with the families involved with the mission organization. We were so thankful for the opportunity to fellowship with them, laugh with them, and enjoy some really good food together.

The team continues to grow closer and we are looking forward to the opportunity to work in Mexico in the next few days. 

Please continue to pray for strength, boldness, and good health as we share the good news!

-Kelsey Scott

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