Making an Impact


We continued our work at the orphanage today! The kids were thrilled to see us all again. Many of them greeted us with hugs and animated shouts of excitment. All of the children were little balls of energy and they kept us on our toes throughout the day. We continued to develop deeper relationships with the kids. Our interpreters have truly been invaluable in this process; they bridge the language barrier gap between us and the children. They give us a voice. It is often easy to only concentrate on the impact we can have on the children and easy to forget about the impact that we can have on our interpreter:

“One of my favorite ministry moments today involved sharing the stories of Adam and Eve, Esther, and Jonah with a two and a half year old boy and a four year old girl. After a lesson plan went south yesterday, my partner and I reviewed our plan and were excited to try using an interactive Bible app that would use Russian audio on an iPad in combination with a simplified version of the stories shared by Emma and me through our interpreters. There is something really special about hearing God’s word in your own language. The children had a greater understanding of the stories than the day before, and they were answering questions correctly, which made us excited. However, when our interpreters started asking questions of their own we became more excited. They asked questions about Satan becoming a serpent, who Satan is in relation to God, if scriptures were really true, why Esther could not approach King Xerxes, and why God was angry at Jonah. We discussed our thoughts on these questions. The girls also asked if we were Christians and why we knew so much about Bible. It was such a joy to share with them the truths that we can glean from the scriptures and how we have joy in studying God’s word in our college courses and personal lives. Please be praying for God to bless the interactions that our team is having with both the Russian children and interpreters each day.”

-Kayleigh Avery

Please continue to pray that we touch the lives of those whom we come into contact with. Pray that our actions and words continue to reflect God’s goodness.

To God be the glory!

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