Weather Improves

Yesterday, during our first day of ministry on the beach, Florida graciously welcomed us with a day of Indiana weather. The temperature barely registered above 50 and the wind was worthy of a Chicago day. But we bundled up and spent the day hanging out with some new homeless friends at the Library and connecting with anyone brave enough to spend the day at the beach. It wasn’t what we expected, but God still gave us opportunities to connect.

Thankfully, this morning brought more expected Daytona weather – clear day, beautiful sun and plenty of people.

For half the team, the day started again at the library hanging out with friends we made yesterday (and some friends we met last year). Great converstions, a small birthday celebration and a quick impromptu worship service.

But while these are good conversations, it was also full of a lot of sadness and brokenness as we heard stories.

The rest of the team headed to our spot by SunSplash and set up the new volleyball net and began the day of sharing. Things immediately got active around the net and students began connecting with individuals ranging from high school students to retirees. So many great opportunities to minister to individuals and to share the love of God with the people that God brought into our lives. We ran into Taylor alums and a future Taylor student during the day. And the day ended with an amazing time of beach worship with the team and a wide variety of beach goers who came over to check out the group.

imageKeep praying that God will give us energy and will keep us listening to His voice as we seek to love the people of Daytona Beach!

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