Day Five

Today was a special day! Since we had more time before breakfast, some members of the team ran, walked, or worked out. The weather was nearly perfect, and everyone was ready to be fueled with energy through a hearty breakfast! We quickly ate and got ready for the pool party. The team was looking forward to a day of rest and fellowship. There were many activities for us to do: swimming, volleyball, football, and laying on the hammock. We also celebrated the birthday of Jonathan, a son of one of the missionaries. At lunch we were able to try yucca, a Spanish favorite that is similar in taste to french fries. Some also ate chicken heart and other grilled meats. The food was delicious, the family was very hospitable, and we had a great time even though some of us got a little too much sun! When we arrived back, we ate a pizza dinner and prepared for the Champs School (VBS at The Community Center for children ages 3-12). The team led three different groups of activities for the children: Bible story, crafts, and games. Tonight’s theme was the story of Daniel and the lion’s den. The children learned a song to go along with the story, made a lion puppet, and played animal games. There was a good turn out of children and their families. One member of the team was able to witness a father dedicate his life to Christ at this event. It is amazing to see the work that God is already doing here! Please continue to pray that God would use each member of the team for His glory, and that we will continue to impact lives through Him. We would also appreciate prayer as we travel across the border to Mexico tomorrow to start building a house. Thank you for your continued support!
-Kathryn & Kerri

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