Relationships and Hammers

Rooftops, BBQ runs, devotionals, and nail guns. Just a few of the things that we have encountered here so far in Memphis. In our time here, we have been able to serve and be served by the city of Memphis. We have experienced heart ache and joy as we have been able to form relationships with the people here. At the beginning of the week, our team was divided into 2 different work teams; one has been working toward restoring a roof in need of desperate attention, and another has been partnering with local middle schoolers on spring break to form relationships through the gospel and construction work. It has been amazing to see the team work together to serve and be Christ’s hands and feet in this community. The work has gone much deeper than the nails on the roof. The team on the roof has been able to partner with the homeowner to form a relationship that has been able to foster real, Christ centered conversations.  As for our team working with the local youth, it has been incredible to see the relationships formed between the Taylor students and the Memphis middle schoolers. In the past few days, we have been able to dig deep into hard questions and work hard on a construction project for the community. It has been amazing to partner with SOS, a ministry that understands what the community needs and provides in a relationally focused way. Our team is excited to continue to get our hands dirty and show Christ’s love in the community of Memphis.

Prayer Requests:

  • Safety while working on the roof
  • Boldness to approach hard conversations
  • Positive attitudes
  • Gracious hearts
  • Healing of sunburns /:
  • Softening of the student’s hearts to hear about Christ

Some free time in Beale Street!


2 thoughts on “Relationships and Hammers

  1. SO proud of your group. What a difference you are making in Memphis. Thanks to all of you for your commitment and love to the community. You are making memories you will never forget and changing lives. Keep up the great work:)

  2. On behalf of the city, my apologies for the rainy day! Hoping you can stick around for tomorrow…should be beautiful. Praying for change on every level, and very grateful you chose the 901 to leave your footprint!

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