The Russian Christian Foster Home


Our team witnessed a tremendous blessing today! An answer to a long prayed prayer. A house was purchased to start the Russian Christian Foster Home. The Russian Christian Foster Home is a project that has been in the works since 1999. This home was part of the original vision of The Boaz Project. Several things delayed its start. At the time, it was not legal to foster children in Russia. Additionally, the right people and property was also needed and the people of Boaz were waiting for God to provide them.

The mission of the Russian Christian Foster Home is to bring children out of the state-run orphanage and bring them into a loving Christ-centered home. It is also to model and encourage other Russians to foster or adopt. One family is designated to take in the children and the house is qualified to take in up to 9 children. The aim is to take in another child every one to two years.

The first foster daughter to enter this home was a little girl named Yana (pictured above left). Yana was born in prison after her mother was imprisoned for murdering her boyfriend. In Russia, statistics deem most orphans uneducable and likely to turn to drugs and prostitution. Yana is well on her way to proving this stigma wrong. She has been in the foster home for a year now and is thriving! She loves to go to preschool, to church, and to pray for her brother.

Our team has been incredibly blessed to witness God’s hands at work through The Boaz Project. Please pray as the Russian Christian Foster Home continues to develop. Furthermore, continue to pray for our team as we near the end of our time in the orphanage. Pray that we all continue to stay present rather than being focused on the hard task of saying goodbye. And pray that we continue to provide the children with love and encouragement.

To God be the glory!


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