Day Seven

Today we spent the morning and afternoon in Mexico again. By lunchtime, the roof and sides of the house were finished and the house was completely built. I was amazed that the house was built so quickly! It was awesome working together as a team, and also working alongside other Mexican workers. Christ’s love was extremely evident throughout the entire day. Members of the team also broke off to play games, such as soccer, with local children in the area. Others made bracelets, sidewalk chalk art, blew bubbles with the kids, and gave short Bible lessons. After a quick lunch break, the only thing left to do was to clean up and finish painting the house. We plan to go back tomorrow to officially hand the key over to the new owner, and to pray over the house. Back in McAllen later this evening, we had dinner and got the chance to hear Miguel and Vivian’s story. God has done incredible things in their lives, and He continues to work through them in amazing ways! Prayers for their ministry would be appreciated. Their hospitality and encouragement have been pivotal in our stay here in McAllen. 
-John Beeghly

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