Mission in Memphis

Today our team wrapped up a busy week of serving and being served by the Memphis community. Our team had the privilege to be Christ’s hands in feet in the Binghampton neighborhood through home repair and a community youth program. Our team that worked on the roof was able to create a strong bond with their homeowner and were also impacted by the families gratitude. “Along with roofing, I was able to spend my time off with the kids Collin and Jeremiah building paper airplanes and putting together race car tracks. This experience was not only fun for me, but also gave Miss Val a much needed break” (Eric Castigilia, Junior). Along with the relationships being built on the roof, the other half of the Taylor team was busy sharing Christ’s love with middle schoolers from the Binghamton neighborhood. Each year Builders (local middle schoolers) have the opportunity to design and construct a significant construction project in Binghampton to bring added value to the community. Builders work closely with architects, contractors, engineers and other relevant professionals throughout the process. This year our team was able to partner alongside this project and worked hard to build a pavilion for a community football field. “Seeing how these middle schoolers were developing their own leadership skills was so encouraging to me, because they are living in a place where they often do not have much of an advantage. The skills they are learning, and how they are encouraged through this program gives me so much hope for this area” (Jen Cline, Sophomore).

Throughout this trip, we have learned how God uses our ordinary tasks and projects to glorify Him. We have been able to grow closer in fellowship and experience God in new and different ways. God is doing big things in Memphis and we have been so fortunate to be apart of His kingdom work here at SOS ministries.


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